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  1. They Called Him The Finishing Machine: The Attorney Consult
    A new client is accused of a road rage murder. This Kindle Short Read (with PHOTOS) is the true story, written from the attorney’s perspective, of his first meeting with a client claiming self-defense for shooting an unarmed man in the face with an AR-15.
  2. A Lawyer’s Guide to Hiring a Lawyer: Choosing an Advocate You Can Trust
    This book is for individuals and families who need to know how to go about hiring a lawyer. It’s all about educating yourself.
  3. A Marine Sniper, the Second Amendment, and the Salad Bar of Rights: A Lawyer Reflects on Self-Defense with a Gun
    Book 2 of our true crime Kindle Short (with PHOTOS) series explores an attorney’s real murder case and coping with issues of self-defense and the Second Amendment. This can be a stand-alone book, as it goes into great depth of the attorney’s thoughts on the Second Amendment with very little information about the case described therein.

09.21.2016 – New “Law is War” Podcast Episode: Objections: Law is war and objections are a tactic that, when used, should meet your overall strategic goals. An attorney should never make a frivolous objection. All objections… [read full article]


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Read or submit a client testimonial. New testimonial added: "When the trial started the opposing side had professional football players, other coaches and my son to testify for them, but I had Jacy and Michael on my side. I could not see it at the time, but afterwards I knew: They... read more.

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