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Wrongful Death Attorney in Eugene, Oregon

The wrongful death of a loved one leaves family members wondering how to cope with such a loss. Among other concerns, the financial uncertainty produced by the death of a family income provider can be overwhelming and sometimes terrifying. We assist Oregon families in coping with a tragic loss from a wrongful death.

Our lawyers represent Oregon residents in wrongful death lawsuits to hold negligent people or corporations accountable for their actions. A wrongful death claim is an attempt to get justice for your family member and obtain financial compensation for your loss.

Arnold Law is well versed in the strategies and tactics that prevail at trial. We represent people in wrongful death suits involving

We advocate for Lane County families’ right to gain just financial compensation for a wrongful death. This means investigating all possible sources of financial recovery. In a wrongful death lawsuit, we will attempt to recover damages for:

  • Past and future lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of consortium / relationship
  • Pain and suffering of the victim
  • Emotional and mental damage

If you or someone you know in Eugene or throughout Southern Oregon needs the assistance of an experienced wrongful death lawyer, call an attorney at Arnold Law today at 541-338-9111.

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  • Representative Cases


    Product Liability – Zooma Scooter

    Lawsuit against stand-up gas-powered scooter after handle bar welding failed, causing crash with elbow fracture. Plaintiff received a poor offer and then a dismal arbitration award. Plaintiff appealed to a jury trial. Jury trial result 25 times the arbitration award. Sometimes it takes a jury to sort out a case.

    Product Liability/Wrongful Death – G-Max Motorcycle Helmet

    Husband and wife were on their motorcycle when negligent driver pulled out in front of them. Wife’s helmet strap webbing failed and her helmet came off. She died of head trauma. Six figure settlement with G-Max distributor.

    Nursing Home Death

    Complex litigation involving a for-profit nursing home where a CNA who failed to give anti-seizure medication to Vietnam War veteran several times. He died from seizure. Status: confidential settlement.

    Wrongful Death – Drunk Driver Kills Teenage Girl

    After a party in the hills, a drunk driver rolls his car off of an embankment, seriously injuring his passengers and killing our client’s teenage daughter. The car’s severely intoxicated owner and surviving passengers claim the decedent was driving. Our investigation uncovered a possible conspiracy between the kids to blame the girl who couldn’t speak for herself. The DA’s Office convicted the car owner for Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor but refused to have the blood in the car analyzed for DNA to establish who was driving. Arnold Law was able to seize the blood evidence, had DNA tests performed, and hired a passenger kinesiologist to determine the locations of the occupants based on blood location. The discovery of the car owner’s blood on the steering column led to a negotiated settlement between the injured occupants and the owner’s insurance company.