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Oregon Federal White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer | Fraud & Financial Crimes

In recent years, the federal government has more aggressively targeted regulated Oregon businesses for federal criminal prosecution in Eugene, Medford, and Portland federal courts. Managers and even lower-level employees are frequently also charged with crimes that may lead to their incarceration in federal prison. The federal government’s investigation may also involve cooperation among multiple federal and State of Oregon regulatory agencies. By the time a person or business entity is provided notice that they are the target of a criminal or regulatory investigation, the government typically has an enormous amount of evidence already gathered.


In Portland, Eugene, and Medford’s federal courts, white collar crimes are commonly prosecuted for financial crimes, such as mortgage fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, tax fraud, mail or wire fraud, etc. These cases can be overwhelming for most typical Oregon criminal defense attorneys. They require financial analysis know-how, access to forensic accounting experts, and experience in Oregon federal courts. The attorneys at Arnold Law have that experience.

Arnold Law’s lawyers have experience in jury trials statewide and have experience in federal court in Oregon and Washington. One attorney on our federal criminal defense team even has prior corporate financial/investment advisement experience prior to law school.

Often Oregon white collar fraud cases are resolved well in advance of indictment by working quickly to get ahead of the charge to negotiate the best resolution or to fight the charge if it is in the client’s best interests.

You need to vet your criminal defense lawyer before you hire them to tackle a federal case. These cases are long and protracted and are virtually nothing like state court. The issues, parties and players make federal court foreign for most practitioners.

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