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Personal Injury Attorney Settles Roseburg Wrongful Death Case

06.09.2010 – Eugene personal injury lawyers Michael Arnold and Emilia Gardner represented the estate of young girl who died in a single-vehicle motor vehicle accident in Douglas County, Oregon.  The probate was filed in Circuit Court in Roseburg and a wrongful death claim was pursued on behalf of the family.

The issue in this case was to prove who was driving; there were four people in the car (two high-school-aged girls and two young men). The owner of the car involved in the crash claimed that the girl, our client, the only person to die in the crash, was the driver.

The crash happened on a lonely mountain road near a reservoir. The parties had been drinking and the survivors’ blood alcohol content had dissipated before they were found by authorities.

Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyer Skills Assisted in this Roseburg Death Case

The attorneys at Arnold Law used the skills that they evolved as criminal defense attorneys, DUII lawyers, and as wrongful death personal injury attorneys in this Roseburg-area case. The case was all about passenger kinematics – using biomechanics, physics, and forensic science to determine the seating of the vehicle occupants (also known as accident kinesiology).

Unfortunately, the prosecutors at the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office let this family down and never adequately processed the evidence. They charged the owner of the vehicle with Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor in Douglas County (Roseburg, Oregon) criminal court court.  However, they never charged him with Manslaughter and DUII.

The Roseburg personal injury investigation by the Arnold Law attorneys in Eugene turned up blood DNA near the steering wheel belonging to the vehicle owner.

Because there were multiple injured parties and limited insurance proceeds, a judicial settlement conference (mediation) was employed.  A satisfactory monetary settlement was achieved by justice was not served as the driver of the vehicle was never criminally charged.

Personal Injury Attorney with Jury Trial Experience

Mike Arnold has had jury trials before many Oregon juries including vehicle death, assaults, personal injury, products liability, etc.

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