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Portland, Oregon Sex Crime Victim’s Rights Compensation Lawyers | Legal Advocate Assistance

Oregon crime victim’s rights are often ignored in the criminal justice system. It is incumbent on victim’s rights attorneys to represent a victim’s rights. Oftentimes the goals of the district attorney or city prosecutor differ from the goals of the victim, particularly regarding victim compensation and monetary damages.

Attorney Representation of Crime Victims in Criminal Cases

The criminal justice is often inadequate to justly compensate a crime victim. Retribution and incarceration are often the goals of the criminal system which oftentimes does not meet the needs of a sexual assault victim.


Other times the victim does not want the case prosecuted. Her voice must be heard and an attorney can assist with that.

Attorney Representation of Crime Victims in Civil Cases

The civil justice system is available for crime victims to try to make them whole (or as whole as possible). The only thing the civil litigation personal injury system can do for a Oregon crime victim is give them money. There is no magic wand.  Nonetheless, a nest egg for the future at the expense of the perpetrator is something many consider.

Sexual Abuse Crime Victim Lawyers

In a sexual assault case, Oregon crime victims have three avenues for compensation. They can wait years for restitution or a compensatory fine from the criminal judgment to be paid in the criminal case.

An Oregon crime victim can also pursue a claim against the defendant (the perpetrator assailant) if that person has significant assets. Since this is an intentional act claim, there is no insurance that will pay for any losses.  All damages for emotional distress and economic damages for counseling (and potential loss of employment due to PTSD) must be paid out of assets owned by the defendant.

Oftentimes defendants will fraudulently convey assets in a divorce so they are available for their children once they are sent to prison.  Consequently, a prompt filing of a lawsuit may be necessary to set aside those property transfers before the money or property is gone. The attorneys of Arnold Law have experience in civil judgment collections and pre- and post-judgment enforcement proceedings.

Arnold Law’s Unique Team Approach to Victim Compensation

The crime victim lawyers of Arnold Law are uniquely situated to assist victims of sexual assault and other crimes. Three Arnold Law lawyers are former prosecutors and are uniquely familiar with the victim services advocates inside district attorney and city prosecutor offices.

The personal injury litigation team lawyers have experience obtaining financial settlements and jury verdicts.  The attorneys at Arnold Law are also among the top lawyers in the state for the defense of the falsely accused in sexual assault and high-profile cases (such as murder).  Therefore, our Portland crime victim attorneys draw from all those experiences in a moderate-sized, boutique law firm with the goal to deliver exemplary service to crime victims who have suffered due to the intentional acts of others.

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