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Episode 2: Trial Objections – How to Train a Witness

Lissa Casey discusses what attorneys try to accomplish when objecting. What are the goals? What are you trying achieve? What tactics are used to achieve your strategic goals? Listen to a couple war stories from actual cases and how they apply to the real world when you have a hostile witness trying to volunteer prejudicial information. How and when to object. How to prevent unfairly prejudicial testimony from ever coming in in the first place. The law is war and the attorneys and litigants are the combatants.

Never object in a criminal trial for the sake of objecting. This requires quick thinking. First you have to listen to the question (and answer for a motion to strike). Before the question’s over or before the answer begins you want to think of the objection. Then you want to decide if objecting helps your strategic goals. Does it keep out damaging testimony if sustained? What is the likelihood of it being sustained? Does the objection itself forward your narrative?

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