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Episode 1 – Jury Selection Does Not Exist

Mike Arnold and Lissa Casey discuss what attorneys try to accomplish in jury selection. What are the goals? What are you trying achieve? What tactics are used to achieve your strategic goals? Listen to a couple war stories from actual cases and how they apply to the real world. The law is war and the attorneys and litigants are the combatants.


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Episode 1, Part 1 – Strategy & Tactics of Jury Selection


Episode 1, Part 2 – Jury Selection Does Not Exist -Dual Sovereigns w/ Andrew Coit


The problem of the dual sovereigns. Attorneys Mike Arnold & Andrew Coit discuss the differences between federal and state jury selection and how that affects the constitutional rights of the defendant. Listen to an example of a high-profile human trafficking case tried by Mr. Coit in May 2016.

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