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Law Is War Podcast with Mike Arnold

If you are here to learn about the “justice system” you are in the wrong place. There is no justice system. It’s a myth. A lie.  There is a “legal system” or “dispute resolution system” but there is no justice…unless you can afford it. Law is war and the attorneys and parties are the combatants.

Our podcast was designed to explain basic legal concepts to clients and others interested in learning what goes on behind-the-scenes. It’s hosted by Mike Arnold, managing partner or Arnold Law in Eugene and Portland, Oregon. Mike is also the co-author of Finishing Machine, a true crime book about a self-defense road-rage murder case that the firm worked on for client Gerald Strebendt.

Finishing Machine: Was it Road Rage Murder or Self-Defense? A Trained Killer's Fight for Justice (True Crime Defense Attorney Case Files Book 1)View Finishing Machine book on

Learn about jury selection, cross-examination, jury nullification and other interesting legal issues in a fun and informative format.

Episode 1: Jury Selection Doesn’t Exist

Episode 2: Trial Objections – How to Train a Witness

Episode 3: Jury Nullification Doesn’t Exist…in practice

Episode 4: How Can You Defend Him? The Facebook Sexual Assault Apology (Joel Magid)

Episode 5: The Attorney Golden Hour – What to do within 60 minutes of being retained

Episode 6: Was He Framed For Murder? The True Crime Story of Nancy Cooper

Episode 7: The Bundy Verdict – Not Guilty!

Episode 8: The Road to Burns: “Someone call Michele Fiore”

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