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Adam Shelton

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Location: Portland, Oregon (Statewide practice)
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Adam grew up in a small town in rural southern Ohio. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Political Science and History at Ohio University. In between college semesters, Adam worked in factories, shipping facilities, and has years of non-profit construction experience. After college, Adam decided to leave the comforts of the Midwest to attend law school at the University of Oregon.

Before joining Arnold Law in 2013, Adam initially hung his own shingle in Eugene, where he handled family law cases, mediated small claims issues, and received substantial contract work from the Lane County Juvenile Law consortium. Adam next moved to Portland to take an associate position at Jody Stahancyk’s Portland firm, Stahancyk, Kent & Hook, one of the largest family law firms in Oregon, where he continued to represent clients in domestic relations matters and gained invaluable exposure to complex financial and custody cases. However, Lane County soon beckoned again, so Adam decided to return to Eugene to join Arnold Law.

[Adam commenting on the differences between juvenile court & adult court in light of the Civic Stadium arson case.]

Adam views the attorney-client relationship as a team effort, first and foremost. His practice style emphasizes zealous advocacy and preparedness. Sometimes, simply working harder than the other side enables better results. Adam constantly seeks creative solutions to client problems, combined with the necessary empathy & understanding to meet a client’s individual needs. Whether it be a carefully crafted settlement letter or an aggressive tactic in trial, Adam strives to obtain the most beneficial result for his clients.

When Adam isn’t in the office or a courtroom, he spends his free time engaged in various sports (including, but not limited to, basketball, martial arts, soccer, and football), science fiction novels, film, fixing up a motorcycle that is older than him, music composition, and the variety of great outdoor activities that Oregon provides. He also volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lane County.


Adam embarking on one of the many Oregon outdoor pursuits he enjoys.


Practice Emphasis:

  • Representative Cases


    Franchise Recovery

    Successfully litigated a franchise agreement “right of reassignment” on behalf of a plaintiff, stemming from a breached promissory note and contract. The breach provided that client could recover collateral, the franchise right, assignment of the leasing rights related to the franchisee, and a money judgment. Also required to motion the court for and was able to coordinate with sheriff’s office a peaceable writ of execution to recover property and tenancy from defendant.


    Defense Against Contempt Motion and Successful Modification of Parenting Plan

    Successfully defended client against false contempt proceeding against client who was attempting to protect psychologically damaged child from other parent. Court found the accusing party’s position to be unreasonable and lacking credibility, and adopted client’s proposal by ordering further supervision for other party.

    Contempt Action for Failure to Pay Support

    Successfully won contempt hearing and attorney fees against client’s ex spouse for failure to pay support. Ex spouse attempted to use inability to pay as a defense, but at hearing, attorney successfully illustrated that the ex spouse had the ability to pay and use of other assets illustrated an intent to avoid payment.

    Division of Complex Estates

    In several cases, successfully negotiated confidential dissolution and distribution of major business holdings held by parties to a divorce proceeding.

    Successful Disestablishment of Paternity Judgment 12 Years After Entry/Birth

    Case involved a client who had been mistakenly listed as the Father on birth certificate. Nearly 12 years later, through DNA testing, attorney was able to research special statutory provision to provide legal grounds to dismiss the acknowledgment of paternity, amend birth certificate, and terminate all future and prior child support obligations.

    Relocation/Enforcement- Mother’s Attempt to Leave State with Child Denied by Court

    Client had excellent relationship with child, but had been denied parenting time on multiple occasions by Mother, who had custody. Mother attempted to take child out of state, where better job opportunity and family awaited. After full day trial, Court denied Mother’s request to move, ordered make up time for Client, and due to cross examination at trial, found Mother to lack credibility.

    Domestic Violence/Divorce- Suit Money and Exclusive Use Awarded to Client/Abuse Victim

    Mother of two children was abused by Father in the presence of children. After successful settlement negotiation, Mother awarded exclusive use of vehicles, home, temporary spousal support, and suit money and Father was required to attend therapy to work towards gradual reintegration of supervised parenting time.


    Defense of False Allegations of Sexual Abuse and Coding of Allegations as “Unfounded”

    Successfully defended two separate clients from accusations of sexual abuse and grooming after DHS had began investigations. In both cases, the attorney presented experts to back up the credibility and innocence of client, and with persuasion convinced the agency to dismiss the investigation and designate the false claims as “unfounded.”