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Oregon Hunting, Fishing, & Game Violations Lawyers – Wildlife Offenses

The Arnold Law hunting and fishing crimes lawyers have experience with firearms (shooting and gun rights), the outdoors, and hunting and fishing (both in the field and in the regulation rules). For instance, founding partner Jacy Arnold killed a record Missouri Big Buck (whitetail) her first year as a hunter as a child. Also, Arnold Law sponsors an annual all-women concealed handgun license class every year.

[Attorney Mike Arnold & his daughter with a black-tailed deer.]

[“Have Gun – Will Travel”: Attorney Mike Arnold & his daughter with a black-tailed deer.]

Common Wildlife Violations in Oregon Where Attorneys Can Assist

The most common hunting violation that we have seen in the Eugene/Lane County area is firing a rifle at a deer decoy after sundown.  That is a common way for the game officers to entrap someone into violating the hunting rule.  They put up a huge buck decoy that doesn’t run and just stands their broadside to you.

Another not-so-common violation in Oregon is waste or poaching (hunting out of season).

We have had success getting many Oregon game crimes reduced to violations and also sometimes being dismissed after a diversion.  We know how important an Oregon hunting license is to our clients. We have also had success getting the firearm back to the owner rather than being forfeited for being used in a wildlife crime.

The Oregon wildlife regulations can be very confusing and sometimes our lawyers have to read them several times to make sure they are following the regulations in their own lives. The interplay between elk and deer season in basic units is one example. The timing of rifle season versus bow season versus black powder is another issue. The regulations go on and on and even bring in federal issues while on federal lands or under the Endangered Species Act. The more mundane issues include barbed versus treble hooks, bank fishing versus boat fishing on the North Umpqua River, live bait versus lures, and the list goes on and on. Other issues may include spotlighting, shooting from a vehicle or across a roadway or waterway, exceeding the bag limit, tagging someone else’s deer, etc.

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