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Oregon Private Investigator | Law Firm Litigation Investigation

Arnold Law is a well-established and quickly growing Eugene-based law firm (with a statewide practice) representing mainly criminal defense, family law, personal injury, and business litigation cases. Our staff thrives on collaboration and caring about clients. Our office is family friendly and community involved. We handle many high-profile cases, so professionalism, quick-thinking, and in-the-moment prioritizing are a must for this position. Honesty, friendliness, and hard-working work ethic is also a must.


General Private Investigator Duties

– Gather witness statements
– Serve subpoenas
– Tracking down witness locations (skip-tracing, background research)
– Memorializing online evidence from social media
– Photographing evidence and accident scenes.
– Overseeing services of outside investigators
– applying for PDSC authorization for in-house and outsourced private investigators
– Analyzing accident and crime scene photos
– Keep accurate daily records
– Complete special projects
– Utilize firm billing software to keep meticulous records of all work in at least 6-minute increments (bulk billing of projects is discouraged for transparency to client).

Eugene Law Firm Private Investigation Job Requirements

– A great fit to the firm (please include hobbies and interests in your resume)

– DPSST certification as private investigation or working towards such certifications (we can assist with provisional private investigation licensing and may be willing to financially assist in certification process for potential long-term candidates that are a great fit for the firm)

– Degree from an accredited two-year college or four-year university (or equivalent experience)

– Experience in related work areas, such as law enforcement or military investigations, insurance litigation, newspaper or television interviewing/reporting.

– Experience in witness locates and recorded statements

– Highly motivated, priority-driven, and collaborative

– Experience and competency with social media personally and professionally (for witness research)

– Reliable vehicle

– Cell phone

– proficient in MS Word

– Flexible week-day hours for catching people in evenings (enhanced bonus for weekend interviews)

Exceptional skills in the following:

– Able to communicate with wide range of individuals (students, vulnerable victims, angry estranged husbands, employers, law enforcement, professionals, juries, judges, and sex offenders).

– Computer literacy

– Exceptional writing skills

– Exceptional memory for details and verbatim statement recollection

– Methodological approach to gathering evidence.

– Ability to work alone in the field when apart from the team

– Ability to travel to witness locations out-of-county as needed.

– Excellent analytic skills

– Interpersonal, written and verbal communications
– Team building; history of working well in a team environment
– Business maturity and discretion

Full-Time Compensation/Benefits

Competitive starting rate based on applicable experience.  $36,000 to $42,000 plus monthly bonus based on collected fees, amount commensurate with experience. With bonus structure and dependent on work ethic and experience, the final salary is $45,000 to $56,000+. If someone was super serious and focused (and with some other assumptions as well), a person might make $54k-$60k+).

– Bonus system is based on percentage of collected fees with a larger portion for after-hours and weekend work.


– Contribution to Medical and Dental Coverage available

– Paid holidays, sick leave (with wellness buy-back), and vacation.

Submit an Application Via Email

1. Cover letter/email (to job at arnold law firm dot com)
2. Resume with references (references will be checked and candidates will need multiple people vouching for their work performance; please list typing words per minute).
3. Candidate finalists may have some proficiency testing

If you have any questions about this job posting you can contact job at arnoldlawfirm dot com. Please do not call on the phone regarding this posting unless you have a prior relationship with someone at the firm. Position open until filled.

Interpreters Available