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Oregon Mediation | Eugene Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyer

[Retired Judge Janet Holcomb]

Mediating a contested dispute in Oregon takes skill and experience. Courtroom experience is one of the most overlooked parts of a settlement conference. If a mediator does not know what a judge or jury would potentially do in a dispute, it is difficult to discuss possible outcomes with the parties. The attorneys at Arnold Law typically use sitting judges or retired judges for mediation for that reason: courtroom experience.

That is why Arnold Law also provides the services of a retired judge as a mediator in family law, personal injury, business disputes, and other litigation areas. Oregon judges are the ultimate general practitioners in Oregon. They have seen all types of cases.

Retired Circuit Court judge Jan Holcomb uses her skills as an Oregon mediator and a retired judge. She served as a Benton County judge for fifteen years, presiding over all types of cases.

She provides mediation services to Portland, Corvallis, Salem, Eugene, Roseburg, Bend (weather permitting) and other areas by appointment. Contact Jan at 541-338-9111 or fill out the form to the left for more information.

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