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Oregon Expungements

If you are thinking about expunging your criminal record with the help of an Oregon expungement lawyer, our Eugene attorneys and our Portland attorneys guide clients throughout the state of Oregon to determine if a record can be expunged (or sealed).

An expungement, or expunction, is the legal term for the removal of an arrest or conviction from your record.

In Oregon, it is possible to have your record expunged for a number of circumstances. What many people don’t realize, however, is how not taking action to clear your record may negatively affect many aspects of your everyday life.

Some Benefits of a Sealed Record

  • More employment options
  • Restore right to firearms ownership
  • Better interest rates on loans
  • Access to higher education
  • Unrestricted international travel to some countries
  • Better chances in adoption and custody cases

Many Oregon employers complete background checks before hiring a new employee, and often base their decisions on what they find. After an expungement of all convictions, you can write “none” for the crime conviction section of a job application.

The ability to own and carry a firearm is a constitutional right of every US citizen. Once you have been convicted of some crimes however, you may lose or be denied your license to carry. Ensure that you can continue to use your firearms for recreational and security purposes by clearing your record of criminal offenses.

Loan agencies can be very thorough in their background checks during any screening processes. A criminal record is a sure way to get a bad interest rate, and maybe even disqualify for a loan completely. This in turn can affect your ability to buy a house, car, or even pay for school in the future. Plan ahead by eliminating your criminal record. In addition to restricting your access to and eligibility for loans, a criminal record may damage your chances at getting into a school in the first place. Similar to places of employment, schools will complete background checks on the individuals applying.

If you are interested in traveling to another country it is very important to ensure that your record has been sealed. A number of countries (Including Canada) have travel restrictions based on one’s criminal record. Even if you are allowed to visit a country, the paperwork and hassle may ultimately make the trip seem not worth it.

If you have ever thought about adoption or gaining custody of your biological child you might consider expunging your criminal record. The fight for custody, an already lengthy process, is only complicated by a criminal history and may weigh negatively against you. Agencies may even deny your adoption application if a criminal record becomes apparent. Follow the link and scroll down to read about the success of expungement attorney Mike Arnold, who paved the way in Oregon for sealing or expunging stalking orders.

Perhaps most importantly, an expungement may bring you literal or symbolic closure to a chapter in your life. By sealing your criminal records, you may ensure that your community views you with a higher level of acceptance and understanding.

An expungement may help you move forward with your life and away from the negative connotations of a criminal record. Contact Arnold Law today at 541-338-9111 to discuss expungement options.

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