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Most new businesses fail in Oregon and elsewhere. That’s the sad truth. A proper business plan should include an exit strategy for the principals, including buy-sell agreements, etc.

Arnold Law is primarily a litigation firm. At any one time we typically have one or two large, complex business commercial litigation cases. It gives us a unique perspective of what can and does go wrong in business and how you can work backwards from that for proper business planning and entity formation.

We have litigated intellectual property cases, contact disputes, workplace harassment and investigations, and real property disputes, among others. We also have one of the most active complex-divorce practices in the state of Oregon involving our lawyers assisting wealth business people in dividing their marital estates, which includes their business.  We have advised many cannabis industry clients as well.

Also, we have long-term connections with other lawyers in the community that can assist you in other needs that we have working relationships with.

To see how our law firm may be able to assist you in your Eugene business matter, please call us at 541-338-9111 or fill out the chat form or contact form.

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