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She has to crawl up her trailer’s stairs – GoFundMe Alternative

02.17.2017 – Janneva Yates is a rural Creswell, Oregon, wheelchair-bound woman with multiple sclerosis (MS).  Her recent ex doesn’t pay support, an ID thief emptied her account (being prosecuted in Lane County – I confirmed), and she’s in the hospital right now for breathing issues but is being released this morning.  She’s had a number of strokes and heart attacks in the last nine months.  Her power was turned off maliciously by landlord during the big freeze and she lost all of her groceries (there’s still mold in the empty freezer). She has so many problems that we can laugh about her bad luck together.  She has such a sweet and optimistic disposition. I have known her for many years. Her husband used to fix our small engines.


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She needs tangible household goods donations and lumber brought to 401 E. 10th Ave. Ste. 400 or dropped off in/near the cooler below our bottom gate. She also needs additional funds for food and other life expenses until SSI kicks in hopefully soon. Also, I found free labor to build her a ramp to her trailer’s door. Right now she has to crawl up the stairs and go in sideways.  This should not be happening in 2017.

Tangible donations can be dish soap, laundry soap, TP, fem. hygiene products, etc. Any extra tangible goods will be donated to Eugene’s domestic violence shelter (they are always short on women’s products).

Funding Goals in order of priority:

– Wheelchair ramp (Placido Martinez, Jr., from Green to Gold Cannabis Investments is donating the labor).
– Rails in trailer for mobility
– Wheelchair-accessible apartment deposit (her trailer door is very narrow and of course the trailer is ridiculously small (I’ve been there)
– Medical fees for recent hospital visits

Accountability in donations

We have a dedicated attorney trust account exclusively for client donations, so that she can review the bank statement and receive 100 percent of the contributions less the credit card processing fee. This is a way better deal than GoFundMe.

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Contribute by Mail: Checks payable to Arnold Law JANNEVA YATES TRUST Account

Arnold Law
401 E. 10th Ave. Ste 400
Eugene, OR 97401
MEMO LINE: Janneva Yates

Donation Options – what you sacrifice (cancel anytime, even after 1 month)

To make a one-time donation or a monthly donation of any amount (check the “monthly” box), visit this page: One-Time Donation (

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