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Oregon Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Finishes Medford Sentencing

11.15.2012 – Mike Arnold assisted a client in avoiding additional federal prison time after the largest medical marijuana bust jury trial in Oregon history (as reported by The Oregonian) was lost by prior counsel.

Mike was retained to argue the sentencing after a court-appointed lawyer who was hired to represent the man failed to settle the case and lost the jury trial. He was convicted of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana and unlawful possession of unregistered firearms (machine guns without a tax stamp).


Mike was stuck with the tough task of cleaning up after the prior counsel. He focused his efforts on a lengthy sentencing presentation and mitigating the damage already done.

The judge could have ordered up to twenty years behind bars for the Jackson County man for violations of federal law and convictions of federal crimes.

The lesson to be learned from this case is that picking the right attorney at the beginning can make all the difference. That choice is paramount. Choose wisely. For many if not most Medford federal criminal defense cases, clients should consider looking to Eugene for experienced counsel.

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Mike enjoys Jackson County criminal defense jury trials and also enjoys appearing in state court. The jury pools are very enjoyable to speak to and they are fair.

[Mike Arnold likes to stay at Immigrant Lake During Medford Jury Trials]

[Mike Arnold likes to stay at Emigrant Lake During Medford Jury Trials]

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