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Lissa Casey

10 Best Award DUI 2015


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Lissa grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She attended Purdue University and graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science. While attending Purdue, she was a coxswain for the Purdue Crew team. After graduating from Purdue, she attended University of Oregon for law school. Once in law school, Lissa searched for ways to get into the courtroom as soon as possible. She knew since long before law school that she wanted to be in front of juries and judges in the courtroom.

Lissa found her way into the courtroom through clinics and externships at the University of Oregon. She felt comfortable from the start in court, and decided that’s where she wanted to be as an attorney.

[07.10.2005 – Lissa comments on the propriety of a death penalty charge while there’s a death penalty moratorium in Oregon.]

Before joining Arnold Law in 2012, Lissa spent over three years as an assistant district attorney in Lane County. As an assistant district attorney, Lissa spent virtually every day in the courtroom prosecuting domestic violence cases, DUIIs, and felony-level drug, property, vehicular, and violent crimes. Lissa has also litigated countless bench trials and contested hearings. During her time as a prosecutor, Lissa learned the value of a case through seeing her countless filing decisions play out in court.

Since joining Arnold Law, Lissa has put her courtroom experience to work and continues to spend her days in the courtroom on restraining order and stalking order cases, DUIIs, and defending her clients in major crimes and felony criminal cases.

Lissa’s trial experience gives her the tools necessary to assess the facts in the case and understand how to craft a litigation plan that maximizes results for her clients. She understands that being prepared for trial means hours of hard work, and that an attorney has to prepare for trial from the initial client meeting until the trial date. Lissa’s straight-forward advice to clients about how their case will play out in court allows them to have confidence in her ability to take the case to trial while trusting her advice on potential settlement negotiations.

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  • Representative Cases


    Jessica’s Law Case Dismissed after Innocence Proven

    Client charged with three counts of Sodomy in the First Degree. If convicted client faced a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 25 to 75 years in prison. Client passed a polygraph in the case and investigation revealed client’s actual innocence. Case dismissed after information from the investigation was presented to the DA, saving client from having to go to trial for a crime he didn’t commit.

    Attempted Sex Abuse I – Dismissed

    Client accused of having unwanted sexual contact with a woman while she slept in a hotel room. After thorough defense investigation of witnesses to incident were presented to the DA, all charges were dismissed before trial.

    Sex Abuse Case dismissed

    Client charged with sexually abusing his employee. After an investigation showed that some of the complaining witnesses recanted their statements and motives for false accusations discovered, case dismissed before trial.

    Harassment dismissed

    Client accused of Harassment at an outdoor music festival. Case resolved with a plea to a violation and a fine, preventing any criminal conviction at all in the case.


    Diversion-eligible DUI dismissed

    Client accused of DUI after being stopped for entering a crosswalk while stopping at a red light. Client’s breathalyzer result was .05%, and he was still accused of DUII. Case dismissed after client rejected diversion and decided to proceed to trial with aggressive defense strategy and several witnesses willing to testify to his lack of intoxication on the night in question. Case resolved with a plea to a traffic violation and a fine.

    DUII/Hit and Run – Diversion on both counts

    Client accused of Driving while Intoxicated, crashing, and fleeing the scene. Case ended with a diversion on both counts, saving client’s employment and allowing client to have clean criminal record.

    DUII – Protecting professional licensing from state licensing board

    Professional client was accused of driving while intoxicated and crashing into a utility pole with .15% blood alcohol content.  Client had prior DUII diversion.  Case ended with client being able to keep professional license, dismissal of all citations, and minimum sanctions allowed by law.


    Restraining Order – Upheld RO for abuse victim with Attorney Fee Award

    Husband took Restraining Order out on Wife after she applied for one to protect herself from him.  After a hearing on both orders, Wife’s Order was upheld, Husband’s Order dismissed, and Husband ordered to pay all attorney fees for the firm’s time on the case.

    Stalking Order – Frivolous stalking order dismissed

    Mother obtained stalking order on Father to keep him from seeing his child for weeks. We were able to demonstrate motives for obtaining a stalking order to gain advantage in a custody case to keep child from Father. After Mother put on her case and she and her witnesses were cross-examined, judge dismissed the order without requiring any evidence or testimony from Father at all.


    Civil Sexual Harassment case dismissed

    Prominent businessman client charged with sexually harassing plaintiff, his employee, also a family member by marriage.  After discovery process completed, plaintiff dismissed all claims and released client from future litigation, saving client from trial process sand thousands of dollars in attorney fees defending against unfounded allegations.