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Portland Polygraph Exams – Oregon Lie Detector Test Lawyers in Eugene

Do not take a polygraph examination that has any legal or financial consequences for you without hiring an Oregon criminal defense or employment attorney. If you take an exam, the pre-testing interview and the control questions can be used against you in court, as they are not protected by the Work Product Doctrine or attorney-client privilege.

Oftentimes, DHS (child protective services), Portland Police Bureau detectives, Oregon State Police troopers, and Eugene Police Department officers will ask you to submit to a polygrapher to trick you into an intimidating interview. They do not care about the results. They just are trying to pressure you to confess or otherwise make harmful statements. Do not trust your ability to withstand this. False confessions are common. The psychology research and post-conviction-relief case studies proves this.


The typical trick is to tell you that you failed the test and then ask you, “Why do you think you failed?” They then encourage you to speculate and then you unwittingly utter incriminating statements.

If you are ever asked by an employer or law enforcement agency or officer to submit to an interview or polygraph, confer with a Eugene or Portland attorney. Your lawyer can arrange for a private lie detector examination. If the results are good, he or she can share the results and raw data with law enforcement. The police can in turn send it to their government polygrapher to see if it is accurate.

Under no circumstances should you submit to a government polygraph. Do you trust the government to fairly tax you? To choose which wars to wage? To determine which streets to fix? So, do you trust them with your life and liberty?

Our Oregon criminal defense attorneys carefully vet the polygraphers which they engage and periodically submit the polygraph results to a leading lie detector expert who trained the CIA, FBI, and others in law enforcement. It is important to keep in mind that there are three possible accurate lie detector results: truthful, deceptive, and inconclusive.

Passing a Polygraph Test with Countermeasures?

You cannot cheat a polygraph with countermeasures to pass the test. Do not even bother. If you are planning to lie, do not take the test; you will not pass. If you are planning to tell the truth, trust the exam; then you will have a better chance in passing. If it is not favorable, no one can compel you to release it. The polygrapher owes you a fiduciary duty of confidentiality and loyalty. If you are planning to beat the polygraph examination by deploying countermeasures, you will look like a liar to everyone.

Common myths about cheating the lie detector include the following:

– Putting a tack in your shoe and putting pressure on it during the pertinent questions but not the control questions.
– Clinching your anal sphincter
– Holding breath before a question
– Drugs to calm you
– Biting your tongue during the control questions (have you ever stole anything, cheated on your spouse, cheated on a school test, etc.) but not the pertinent questions.


Why can’t you beat a polygraph? Technology: they lie detector machine. Think about it. Can you test whether or not someone is moving their foot or their rear end? It is not difficult to detect movement and that’s what polygraph examiners do. Plus, they are watching you to see if you do any of this. Keep in mind that polygraphers are skeptics because they typically have contracts with parole and probation so they are dealing with convicted felons, liars, and sex offenders. They will call you out on your b.s., so don’t sacrifice your honor and credibility.

Are Polygraphs Admissible in Oregon Courts?

Your attorney may ask you to take a polygraph. They have several uses, but typically not in court. The Oregon Supreme Court ruled in State v. Brown that lie detector test results are inadmissible scientific evidence. However, there are good arguments to be made that Brown should be overturned and new case law made.

Your attorney may want to use the polygraph to show the prosecutor that there are no other victims to sex crimes in a sexual offense case. They are also used in sex offender evaluations.

Where to Take a Polygraph Test in Oregon

Contact the Eugene and Portland-based criminal defense attorneys of Arnold Law to discuss where to get a polygraph test in Oregon and to see how much a polygraph costs. We have relationships with polygraphers all around the state, including Eugene, Medford, Bend, and Portland polygraphers. Call us to help immunize your polygraph from scrutiny from those on the outside. Call 541-338-9111 or fill out the form to the left or chat to the right.

List of Oregon Polygraphers

Ron Womack
Becky Carter
Joseph Garcia
Richard Galindo
James Konopasek
James Sharmota
Derry York
Lucinda Gardner
Robert Mosier
Carol Miller
Susan Couch (Salem)
Sally Jo Donahue
Mark Ranger (Roseburg)
Steve Hebner (Eugene)
Ed Taber of Pendleton
Tamara Jessen-Iverson
Greg Anderson

Interpreters Available
  • Representative Cases

    Sodomy I (Jessica’s Law) – 3 Measure 11 counts dismissed after innocence proved

    This was a Jessica’s Law case where, if convicted, Client was facing a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 25 to 75 years in prison. Client passed a polygraph in the case and his attorneys Mike Arnold and Lissa Casey conducted an investigation illustrating his actual innocence.

    Michael Arnold, stated, “Our client is thankful for his release and dismissal of these terrible false accusations against him. He was a wrongfully accused innocent man who had three months of his life stolen from him due to lies and an incomplete investigation. Arnold Law’s investigation showed a lack of motive and lack of opportunity to commit the acts alleged against him.The Government’s incomplete investigation turned what should have been an uncomfortable family matter involving a very troubled child into an unjustly incarcerated man and placed unthinkable stress on his family...”

    Sex Abuse Case dismissed

    Client charged with sexually abusing his employee. After an investigation showed that some of the complaining witnesses recanted their statements and motives for false accusations discovered, case dismissed before trial.

    Custody case motivates false Measure 11 accusations against father

    Client jailed with $1.68 million bail setting after being falsely accused of smothering his wife with a pillow and sexually assaulting two adoptive daughters, among other claims. The case eventually resolved with an Alford Plea to one count of coercion for allegedly forcing a remote control out of wife’s hands, which is expungeable at the end of probation, no additional jail time, and a dismissal of all remaining charges. After the dismissal, client was able to resume parenting time with his biological daughter and continue to be an active father.

    Attempted Sex Abuse I – Dismissed

    Client accused of having unwanted sexual contact with a woman while she slept in a hotel room. After thorough defense investigation of witnesses to incident were presented to the DA, all charges were dismissed before trial.


    Sexual Harassment Defense – Hospital Administrator Stalking

    Mike Arnold defended the administrator of a hospital who pursued a relationship with a young woman who was apparently giving him mixed signals. Before contacting our firm he was convicted of a criminal stalking charge and lost a stalking order trial. She then sued him for $500,000 claiming sexual harassment, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. In a Marion County jury trial after a brutal cross-examination of the plaintiff and picking apart their psychologist expert, we won a defense verdict.


    Wrongful Use of Civil Proceedings – False Stalking Order to Gain Custody

    Received a $50,000 judgment through bankruptcy adversarial proceeding due to mother lying to get a stalking order.

    Stalking Order – Lying about Rape to Gain Custody

    We won a dismissal after trial. Court made findings of fact that stalking order was brought for an improper purpose.


    Measure 11 Dismissal

    “I am not a resident of Oregon and was put in the awkward position of finding a competent attorney for my son who had just been charged with a very serious felony while attending a university here. My wife and I interviewed a number of the top attorneys throughout the state and also asked for advice from several attorney friends and a judge from our home state. None of the numerous attorneys we interviewed came close to the quality, knowledge and compassion of the Arnold Law Firm. They took care of my son and advised him in jail even before we had agreed to hire them. That really showed me the quality of this firm. I can not say enough good things about their firm. Everyone in the office is professional and personable.

    “My son was represented by Mike Arnold and Emilia Gardner. They are nothing short of incredible and almost like family. They left no stone unturned and worked relentlessly on his case. My son is now a free man and able to move forward with his life. Thank you all for everything you have done. You are the best!”