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Legal Assistant Job Description

The Legal Assistants of Arnold Law are a vital component of the successful representation of every client. They facilitate the success of our firm by quickly and accurately responding to current clients’ requests and accomplishing attorney assigned tasks: from discovery to depositions, from evidence to e-filing, from meetings to motions, our Legal Assistants shepherd our attorneys and clients through each challenge contributing their focus and flexibility towards our common goals.

The current open position will place someone with multiple attorneys who practice civil and criminal law, and one experienced legal assistant. Through team meetings and assignments throughout each day, our newest Legal Assistant will have the opportunity to gain an ever growing body of knowledge and continually sharpen skills in communication, prioritizing, information gathering, and preparation.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to

Communication: Handle incoming phone calls from clients, former clients, subpoenaed witnesses, and others seeking to contact attorneys. Convey information to callers as directed by attorneys. Follow up on every contact to make sure that messages are responded to and messages are not overlooked. Keep track of and return every phone call/email/letter.

Scheduling: Manage and maintain attorney calendars, including schedule trials, court hearings, appointments, and phone calls for attorneys. Look forward on attorney calendars for accuracy, conflicts, and upcoming events requiring preparation.

Files: Intake, process and distribute correspondence and discovery: Stamp, redact, duplicate, index, scan, copy to client, and file documents. Organize hundreds/thousands of pages when received.

Investigation: database searches, social media searches, internet searches, records requests, managing and organizing information received.

Correspondence: Prepare letters, materials and requests, and track their receipt and return as dictated by the attorney for attorney signature, fax/email/mail as directed, and then saving confirmation with the file.

Trial/hearing preparation: Locate witnesses and prepare subpoenas, confer with investigators to effectuate service and interviews, preparation of exhibits, packing.

Documents: prepare pleadings, discovery requests, DMV requests, public records requests, medical records requests, PDSC requests, etc as directed.

To succeed one must be willing to

Maintain a positive, “can-do” attitude at all times

Keep information confidential

Keep track of and meet deadlines

Make after-hours contact with clients

Know what the tasks are in each case and give attorneys verbal reminders as needed

Fulfill occasional errands, administrative tasks, organizing or personal requests from attorneys

Keep ongoing projects lists and update top priorities frequently

Attend team meetings

Learn new software/skills

Keep your promises. If you tell an attorney or client that you will do something, then do it.

Act in accordance with our Firm Philosophy

The following skills are essential to learn

Quick and accurate data-entry

Redact private and confidential information

Proofreading/Attention to detail

Clear and firm communication in a tone well-received by clients

Following directions as provided and firm chain of command



We are currently accepting resumes for the Criminal Law Legal Assistant. We prefer in person resume drop-off. You can also send resumes by email (job at arnold law firm dot com).

If you have any questions about this job posting you can email us (job at arnoldlawfirm dot com). Please do not call on the phone regarding this posting.

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