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County Jail Inmate Information & Rosters (Locating/Visiting Inmates)

Having trouble contacting your loved one? An attorney can get priority access.

Many Oregon families have contacted Arnold Law’s attorneys to hire them for the limited purpose to visit an inmate and advise them of their rights, warn them not to talk about the case on the phone, and check with them about interest in lawyer representation.

It is very dangerous to communicate with an Oregon inmate over the phone in any county, particularly Lane County, Jackson County (Medford), and others. Assume your words with them will be played in court to a jury after being listened to by the district attorney and case detective.

Oregon County Inmate Rosters

Benton County Jail Inmate Roster (Corvallis, Oregon): :

Lane County Oregon Booking Info:

Marion County Jail Inmate Roster (Salem, Oregon):

Multnomah County Booking Information Search (Portland, Oregon):

Washington County Jail Inmate Roster (Hillsboro, Oregon):


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