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Gun Trust Estate Planning Attorney

At Arnold Law, our attorneys respect and value hunting, target shooting, self-defense and the Second Amendment. We understand the unique issues that bequeathing loved ones firearms poses, given state and federal laws. We are familiar with firearms in the self-defense context as well as in the wildlife violations context.

What if your AR-15 is being left to someone who has moved to California? What if your heir is convicted of a felony years after your execute your will? What if the magazines have a capacity in violation of the law of the state where your beneficiary lives? How do you ship a firearm to a beneficiary in another state?

All of these issues can be handled for our Oregon gun owner clients with a little advanced estate planning, typically through a revocable living trust. Failure to properly plan may expose heirs to state and federal law.

We understand that firearms are often a part of a good Oregon estate plan.  They are durable goods that with proper care (keeping them away from moisture and politicians) can last for generations. Automatic weapons in particular, which are legal in Oregon with the proper federal tax stamp, increase in value every year due to their scarcity under federal law.

Handgun and Constitution

Arnold Law’s unique practice blend that includes federal firearm criminal defense brings a wealth of knowledge to our estate planning clients.

If you or a loved one may be in need of a gun trust or general estate planning, call 541-338-9111 or send us an email through the form to the left. Read more about Oregon gun laws.

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