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Free Printable Foldable Pocket Constitution (true text, no annotations)

The interpretation of what the Constitution means can be quite controversial, but what the words actually are shouldn’t be. Certain protesters in Nevada and Oregon have been accused of carrying and passing out “abridged” or “annotated” Constitutions that modified the original text to meet their political agenda. While this is absolutely false, the misunderstanding occurred due to extraneous quotes contained before the official text that were selectively added by the publisher purportedly to further a political agenda.

With the Pocket Constitution, we wanted no extraneous quotes. All original text. No politics.

We hope that folks on the left and the right will find common ground in the actual text of the Constitution which will inspire them to have civil discourse on what the clauses mean. Interpreting the words of the Constitution is not just for the elite in black robes. It was a document created by citizens to hold their government in check. To continue to meet that goal in the modern world or to establish new goals for this document, if that’s your desire, it is incumbent for all citizens to understand what the words actually are and to ponder their meaning, impact, and utility.


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