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Oregon Pedestrian Accident Lawyers – Eugene, Springfield & Portland’s Crosswalks

Oregon’s crosswalks are deadly, particularly when the speed limit is over 25 mph and the roadways are wide. There are just too many distractions to make any crosswalk or pedestrian crossing perfectly safe. You have to be nimble, fast, able-bodied, and not distracted to guarantee safe passage on Eugene, Portland, and Salem, Oregon crosswalks.

Unfortunately, where does that leave the elderly walkers and parents with young children crossing streets in marked and unmarked crosswalks? The pedestrian accident personal injury attorneys of Eugene-based Arnold Law have handled a multitude of personal injury accidents involving motor vehicles vs. pedestrians statewide throughout Oregon.


A few notable examples including children and elderly crossing crosswalks alone and with parents. Personal injury attorney Mike Arnold of Arnold Law led the investigation and pursuit of justice for the family who lost three young children in a crosswalk in Springfield, Oregon, in 2015 due to the negligent of an aged, distracted, negligent driver.

Pedestrian accidents are very difficult to investigate due to several factors but are typically easier to investigate than bike accidents. This is true, sadly, because many pedestrian accident involve wrongful death and almost all involve blood marks on the pavement. There are more likely to be pedestrian deaths than bicycle deaths, partly due to the head of the victims being lower to the ground and closer to impact with the front of the vehicle.

The Eugene pedestrian accident lawyers of Arnold Law in Lane County, Oregon, have experience looking at and analyzing autopsy photos of victims of negligence, conferring with engineers and accident reconstruction experts on “throw” calculations to determine speed of the vehicle base on the impact point versus the landing of the victim, and working with law enforcement and local district attorneys to attempt to get answers and justice for victims and their families.

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