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Settlement vs. Trial

The attorneys at Arnold Law Firm work with perfection to deliver the best results to clients. We prepare every Oregon personal injury case as if it is going to trial. Every possible question is answered and no unsettled bills are left on the table. Unlike a personal injury mill, we don’t take your personal injury case, estimate its value and then wait for the insurance company’s offer for settlement. Rather we analyze your case from the beginning and prepare it for the best settlement or trial result.

It is always important to question the trial experience of a potential Eugene or personal injury lawyer because such cases need specialists. Every lawyer cannot efficiently handle your personal injury needs and your interests. You certainly need an experienced lawyer to make your case trial-ready.

Eugene, Oregon Accident/Injury Attorneys

Arnold Law’s experienced trial and serious injury attorneys have experience to give you a fair assessment of you case in the initial consulting stage. They certainly do not give you any unreasonable expectations.

If you or a loved one has been injured by the actions or inactions of another, you need competent and experienced representation from an experienced Oregon trial attorney. Bear in mind that the insurance companies, including yours, are not your friends. All the insurance companies are business firms who are concerned with the bottom line and are accountable to their shareholders. You are declared a liability in their office as soon as you submit a personal injury claim. They are focussed on adjusting your claim as soon as possible with as little payout as possible.

Arnold Law holds a well established and more than deserved reputation as effective and highly respected personal injury lawyers in Eugene, throughout the Willamette Valley and in Southern Oregon. Their experience is vast and covers various areas of law relating to personal injuries, including:

A personal injury or wrongful death attorney can help your case become more valuable and less stressful and can deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. This takes off a lot of burden from your shoulders and leaves you to the important jobs of getting better and living your life. Getting into a contingent fee agreement with your attorney now costs you same as waiting until after you are done treating.
“Our litigation experience, extensive preparation of cases, and attention to detail has allowed us to build a reputation as aggressive and successful advocates for our clients while adhering to high professional standards.”

– Eugene, Oregon personal injury attorney

If you or someone you know in Eugene or throughout Southern Oregon needs the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer, contact Arnold Law today at 541-338-9111

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