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Eugene, Oregon Fathers’ Rights Attorneys

Fathers Have Equal Custody Rights in Oregon

This is Oregon law: “No preference in custody shall be given to the mother over the father for the sole reason that she is the mother, nor shall any preference be given to the father over the mother for the sole reason that he is the father.” ORS 107.137(4).

Have you been systematically removed from your child’s life?

Has the other parent negatively influenced your child to discourage your relationship with them?

Has the other parent abused the Restraining Order process to attempt to gain advantage in the custody case?

You can turn these facts into an advantage. The courts are actually sympathetic regarding fathers’ rights. We routinely prevail on these issues. We can help.

Child Custody Modifications

Consult with an attorney to deterimine if your facts might meet the burden of substantial change in circumstances.

Our Firm’s Approach

Our goal for every client is to make them a former client as quickly and inexpensively as possible. In other words, we want you to resolve your case to your satisfaction with as little expense as possible. The way we do that is by preparing your case from the first day as if we were heading to trial. That gives you the upper hand in negotiating a settlement to bring your case to an end quickly. By preparing your child custody case in this manner, you not only know your case strengths but you know its weaknesses as well, and thus the risks of trial. It is our experience that when you know more about your case than your opponents do, our clients often get the better end of the bargain. And if your custody case does not settle, we are well ahead of the game for trial.

If you or someone you know in Eugene or throughout the Willamette Valley needs the assistance of an experienced child custody lawyer, contact the attorneys at Arnold Law Office today at 541-338-9111. Our attorneys have a wealth of information at their fingertips, including that of managing partner Jacy Arnold, who was recently rated one of the best Oregon’s best lawyers under the age of 40.

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