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Eugene Divorce Lawyer Wins 2015 “20 Under 40” Award

Eugene divorce and family law attorney Jacy Arnold was recently selected as a rising business and community star. The annual award by The Register-Guard newspaper is voted on by the Eugene Blue Chip 20 Under 40 committee, who accepts annual nominations. Jacy is the second Eugene divorce lawyer from Arnold Law to be selected; family law and criminal defense lawyer Rogelio Cassol was nominated and selected in 2013.

Jacy’s commitment to family, business, and community is evident in virtually everything she does. As the founding partner of Arnold Law, she has grown her Eugene family law firm from one person to seventeen. She has been able to foster a family atmosphere that encourages community involvement by the law firm’s team members, reasonable working hours, a fun and collaborative working environment, and commitment to family.

Jacy was instrumental in establishing a unique Eugene family policy in allowing staff to have their babies at the office for the first year. This encourages women to stay in the workforce and allows bonds to grow between mother and child during this crucial time in a child’s development.

Her commitment to the Eugene community is evident in her Oregon divorce practice as she fights for the best interests of children and wages war on government intrusion into family life by fighting DHS and its overreaching efforts to break up Oregon families without due process.

She also spends a significant amount of pro bono time assisting veterans in divorce, custody, and spousal support issues.

In her free time, Jacy enjoys hunting, camping, farming, gardening, canning, beekeeping, and spending time playing with her family. She grew up on a farm outside of Trenton, Missouri.

[Jacy enjoys working in the greenhouse they built in 2009.]

[Jacy enjoys working in the greenhouse they built in 2009.]

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  • Representative Cases

    Hidden Asset Divorce – Tracking down values of foreign corporations

    Jacy Arnold represented wife. Discovery from husband appeared to be missing many documents and assets. Motions to compel were granted and Jacy was able to track down foreign corporations hidden by husband, stretching from the Netherlands to southeast Asia. Result: Substantial financial settlement was obtained for client.

    Elderly Man with Significant Assets Protected

    Jacy Arnold represented a wealthy landowner who was being taken advantage of by a purported domestic partner. "Wife" filed a frivolous restraining order and a frivolous petition for dissolution of marriage. Through international witnesses and handwriting expert, Jacy was able to prove that the marriage documents were forged and achieved a total trial victory for this very vulnerable client.


    Custody Client

    “I cannot say enough about Jacy Arnold’s incredible ability to listen to her clients, give updates as to the status of a case, attention to detail, and give an amazing overview of what one’s case entails. Jacy Arnold is an amazing attorney and one whom I highly esteem. She is adept and her knowledge of the laws, statutes, etc. is incredible. She is a straight shooter and does not waste time. She is highly recommended and a pleasure to work with. In addition, she knows how to handle what would be considered 'complex cases.' Superb attorney!”

    Business Client

    “I was Jacy’s first client, after she passed the Bar. In the past 9 years, it has been a pleasure watching her grow into one of the finest lawyers in Eugene. Jacy is very professional and knowledgeable. She is very detail oriented and has excellent presence in the courtroom. I have utilized her services, both in disputes and in lawsuits. I would highly recommend her counsel.”

    Divorce Client

    “I knew from my very first conversation with Jacy and her staff that Arnold Law would represent me. My confidence in Jacy never wavered. The highly professional representation, coupled with thoughtful and person care for my well being, enabled me to transition through a most difficult time in my life. I will forever be grateful for Jacy’s 'jumping in and keeping me afloat' with her steady hand on my life jacket. She was my Mae West that kept my head, and my spirit, above the water.”