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Eugene Criminal Defense Attorneys Earn University of Oregon Rape Dismissal, Coercion Deal

09.21.2015 – Arnold Law criminal defense lawyers Lissa Casey and Mike Arnold worked tirelessly for a University of Oregon student falsely accused of rape. Ultimately the Measure 11 sex abuse charges were dismissed in a plea deal where he pleaded guilty to one count of Coercion which in three years will be expunged completely from his record.

The defense lawyers’ investigation discovered that the accuser likely made up her allegations in order to gain attention after being rebuffed by her “friends” and not invited to a movie night out.

The accuser then quickly met her victim via the Tinder app and invited herself over to the client’s house to hangout and watch movies because she wanted to be alone with him and said that her roommate was home.

[The University of Oregon  student conduct system is broken.]

[The University of Oregon student conduct system is broken.]

After a consensual sexual encounter where she controlled much of the encounter and even asked him to go get a condom, she left and went an an attention-getting rampage. The “friends” that didn’t want her along were now a captive audience to her drama as was the student of another university that she slept with a couple weeks earlier. She used this consensual sexual encounter to garner attention with him as well.

But as it turned out, this wasn’t the first time she used lies, deceit, and manipulation to get attention due to her mental illness and potential personality disorder. At her previous California University she faked a cancer diagnosis to get attention and was disciplined by that university for her lies. After leaving that school in shame she scrubbed it from her social media profiles, making it virtually impossible to track down this deceitful history. Fortunately, the deputy district attorney on the case satisfied her Brady obligation and disclosed this to his Eugene criminal defense lawyers.

Approximately one month before trial the attorneys’ investigation also discovered that the accuser was suffering from a mental illness and potential medication problems.

Given the overwhelming evidence of the falsely accused client’s innocence, the Arnold Law Eugene criminal defense attorneys gave the odds of winning the Lane County trial with not guilty verdicts at approximately 80 to 90% — great odds if the rest of your life wasn’t at stake.  If something terrible happened at trial and the jury got it wrong, he would have been facing a mandatory prison sentence of at least 75 months or much more if the Lane County District Attorney amended the charges.

Additionally it would have been a highly public trial given local political issues relating to the recent mishandling of other false rape accusations.

All of these considerations led the client to make the only rational decision to take a plea deal where he got probation with no jail with a Coercion charge, which there is a 100% chance of an expungement in three years.

Prior to the Arnold Law lawyers’ involvement, the Lane County Pubic Defender court-appointed attorney had conducted no investigation and had recommended that the falsely accused client take a plea deal to a sex crime that would have required him to register as a sex offender the rest of his life and never expunge the charge.

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    “I am not a resident of Oregon and was put in the awkward position of finding a competent attorney for my son who had just been charged with a very serious felony while attending a university here. My wife and I interviewed a number of the top attorneys throughout the state and also asked for advice from several attorney friends and a judge from our home state. None of the numerous attorneys we interviewed came close to the quality, knowledge and compassion of the Arnold Law Firm. They took care of my son and advised him in jail even before we had agreed to hire them. That really showed me the quality of this firm. I can not say enough good things about their firm. Everyone in the office is professional and personable.

    “My son was represented by Mike Arnold and Emilia Gardner. They are nothing short of incredible and almost like family. They left no stone unturned and worked relentlessly on his case. My son is now a free man and able to move forward with his life. Thank you all for everything you have done. You are the best!”