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Oregon Civil Rights Attorneys | Eugene §1983 Lawyers

Arnold Law’s statewide civil rights attorneys use the United States Constitution as both a shield and a sword. A shield in criminal defense cases and a sword in civil lawsuits. Since our law firm does both civil and criminal litigation we are well poised to follow up malicious conduct by the government with a civil rights lawsuit.

Under federal law, 18 USC § 1983 permits a citizen to sue the government in state or federal court for federal constitutional violations, often coupled with tort claims against the same government actors.


Qualified and discretionary immunity are a major hurdle for plaintiffs to overcome but your civil rights attorney may show that the intentionally malicious acts (such as destruction of evidence or lying to gain advantage in a criminal case) quickly thwart those affirmative defenses.

The choice of venue between state and federal court is often a big issue when dealing with a lawsuit involving a city. State actors cannot be sued in federal court due to the Eleventh Amendment. The venue choice is mostly strategic. Do you want to sue a city when where a bunch of city taxpayers are on your jury? Will they self-impose a tax in their minds? Also, many state court judges are hostile to lawsuits against the government. The federal judges have lifetime appointments are much more immune to politics.

The most common civil rights that Oregon attorneys bring against government agencies and actors include 14th Amendment Due Process violations unlawful searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment, among others.

The attorneys at Arnold Law are always chomping a the bit to spend some time getting to know DHS or the University of Oregon student conduct office in depositions pertaining to a civil rights lawsuit. Both of these state agencies trample the rights of citizens routinely and they must be stopped. If the government won’t, Oregon civil rights lawyers will.

The civil rights attorneys at Arnold Law have had some interesting civil rights cases. We have represented plaintiffs in a false confession case, inmate abuse, failure to provide medical care at the jail, failure to release an inmate, etc.

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