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Oregon Estate Planning Lawyers

An estate plan does not need to be stressful or expensive.  Most Oregonians need a simple will but do not necessarily need a complicated trust, firearm trust, or tax-avoidance estate plan.  An Oregon estate planning lawyer can advice you on the best course of action so you can make an informed decision.

At Arnold Law, we strive to provide competent legal advice and listen to your estate planning goals.  We will not try to “up-sell” you the newest trust trend or tax avoidance system.  Our goal for our estate planning clients is the same as for our litigation clients: to finish your legal tasks as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

An estate plan can include a will or a trust or both, depending on your assets, your potential beneficiaries, and goals.  Tax avoidance is often the most important goal for our clients of more significant means, but not all Oregon estate plans are equal or appropriate for a given estate goal.

Arnold Law lawyers strive to listen to client’s goals and explain the options in a way that permits them to make informed decisions.  A trust is not always the answer but a will is often a liability given the expense your heirs might face in probate court.  You will need to understand both to make a decision.

For more information about the estate planning process, call Arnold Law at 541-338-9111 or send us an email using the form on this page. We have phone appointments available statewide and can accomplish most, if not all, of an estate plan from the comfort of your home.  We also have appointments available at our office in Eugene and appointments, as available, in Florence and elsewhere.

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  • Client Reviews/Testimonials

    SM (Criminal Defense):

    "I am not a resident of Oregon and was put in the awkward position of finding a competent attorney for my son who had just been charged with a very serious felony while attending a university here. My wife and I interviewed a number of the top attorneys throughout the state and also asked for advice from several attorney friends and a judge from our home state. None of the numerous attorneys we interviewed came close to the quality, knowledge and compassion of the Arnold Law Firm. They took care of my son and advised him in jail even before we had agreed to hire them. That really showed me the quality of this firm. I can not say enough good things about their firm. Everyone in the office is professional and personable.

    "My son was represented by Mike Arnold and Emilia Gardner. They are nothing short of incredible and almost like family. They left no stone unturned and worked relentlessly on his case. My son is now a free man and able to move forward with his life. Thank you all for everything you have done. You are the best!"


    "I'm very happy that I contacted Arnold Law Office. I was represented by Rogelio Cassol as he guided me through my legal situation. Worth every penny. Thank you."

    Pam W.: "Emilia Gardner did an exceptional job representing me in my divorce case. I am very happy with the promptness and honesty she brought to the table!"

    Custody Client:

    "I cannot say enough about Jacy Arnold's incredible ability to listen to her clients, give updates as to the status of a case, attention to detail, and give an amazing overview of what one's case entails. Jacy Arnold is an amazing attorney and one whom I highly esteem. She is adept and her knowledge of the laws, statutes, etc. is incredible. She is a straight shooter and does not waste time. She is highly recommended and a pleasure to work with. In addition, she knows how to handle what would be considered "complex cases." Superb attorney!"

    Business Client:

    "I was Jacy's first client, after she passed the Bar. In the past 9 years, it has been a pleasure watching her grow into one of the finest lawyers in Eugene. Jacy is very professional and knowledgeable. She is very detail oriented and has excellent presence in the courtroom. I have utilized her services, both in disputes and in lawsuits. I would highly recommend her counsel."

    DV Client:

    "I heard Arnold Law was the 'best.' I agree. Arnold Law is by far the best firm in all of Oregon. Mike Arnold and Emilia Gardner kept me positive in a bad situation. They believed in me 110% all into it. They came to visit [at the jail] as much as possible sharing insights on my case. It was never one day I didn't know what was going on. And thanks, Meagan, for your hard work also."

    Custody Modification:

    "I don't feel the need to be anonymous. Jacy and Michael represented me in 2002. My son's father had decided he wanted custody of our then 12-year-old son and had me served in California where I lived. My son's father was and still is one of the football coaches at the University of Oregon. They had just come off of a great winning year and had won the Fiesta Bowl. He had status, fame, clout and a whole lot more money than I did. He also had an attorney who had been practicing over 30 years in Eugene. To top it all off, our son stated that he wanted to try living with his father. I was not mad at him for this; I understood. He was only 12 and loved being around all the football players. I would want that too if I were a 12-year-old boy. However, I told him it was my job to do what was best for him, not give him everything he wanted.

    "I have to say that God was watching over me when I tried to find an attorney in Oregon while living in California. The only thing I could think of was to call the Bar and get a list of attorneys I could interview over the phone. Right after I spoke with Jacy I knew she was the one. She had only been practicing a couple of years then, but I knew she was smart, sharp, tough and loved the law. She listened to me and was straight honest with me. She told me what I needed to do and she did everything she needed to do and more. I tried not to need hand holding, but when I did need it she gave it. She had compassion, knowledge, confidence and strength. What a great and rare combination in an attorney!

    "When the trial started the opposing side had professional football players, other coaches and my son to testify for them, but I had Jacy and Michael on my side. I could not see it at the time, but afterwards I knew: They never stood a chance! His father and his attorney went down in flames and my son was raised with me and his other siblings and is now glad I fought.

    "Jacy was everything I needed an attorney to be and more. If you need the best, hire the best! She even managed to keep expenses low and got things done quite quickly. I will be forever grateful to Jacy and Michael."

    Prompt, confident service:

    "Thank you! I appreciate the prompt, confident, personable service that I received from Arnold Law Office. I recommend them to anyone that is looking for a lawyer who doesn't miss a thing! Thanks, Rogelio!"

    DUII Client:

    "Straight forward and to the point. No B.S."

    DUII Client:

    "Outstanding staff at Arnold Law. Exceeded our expectations."

    A.W. (Personal Injury Case with Uninsured Driver at Fault):

    "I was represented by Mike and Emilia after being struck by a car while I was simply waiting at a stop light in my own car. Although the at fault driver apologized profusely at the scene of the accident, and explained that he knew that his wife's car had bad brakes that were in need of replacing, his story completely changed after being served with the Summons and Complaint. It was bad enough having a legitimate and painful injury as a direct cause of the accident, but to later learn that the driver and owner of the car were uninsured and were willing to lie about the facts was both disappointing and discouraging.

    "While going through months of severe pain from the accident on, numerous medical appointments, medical tests and procedures that were painful as well, it was hard knowing that someone who hurt me so bad was not going to have any repercussions or consequences. Being that the at fault driver and owner of the car had no insurance or assets, my own insurance company was left to take care of me. Mike and Emilia were behind me during months of physical therapy, various injections into my spinal canal, nerves and discs, waiting for me to improve. Ultimately, I left my job, which had required me to do a lot of driving which was not helping my neck and back at all. And, I was unable to take medication for the pain and drive a vehicle.

    "Mike and Emilia were very supportive and in the end, secured a good settlement with my own insurance company before Depositions or Trial. Mike and Emilia were patient with me, knowing I was going through a crisis, and one or the other, or both, took the time to respond to my many concerns and fears. They also let me give my input, asked for or not, sometimes on topics some accident victims wouldn't dare to question and everything was explained calmly.

    "Being stuck with an injury like this makes you think of and worry about so many things, and the input from friends, family or the occasional 'doubting Thomas' along the way is not always helpful or accurate. Only the accident victim can feel the sensations from their pain suffered in an accident, as no one else can 'see' or feel your pain. Of course, it was helpful to have various images and thorough medical documentation, confirming my injuries. I knew my attorneys didn't doubt me for a second and I am very thankful to have had their support and can actually say that Arnold Law 'had my back'."

    E.T. Pre-Filing Sex Crimes Case:

    "A mother made a totally false complaint to the police that I had sexually touched her child. Another attorney referred me to Mike Arnold. When I called to speak with him, he happened not to be available and I was connected to his associate, Lissa Casey. Later that day I met with Lissa and Mike.

    "If it ever went to trial, there would be the expense of a 10 to 14 day trial, the hit to my reputation and untold additional stress. If somehow the truth did not prevail and I was convicted, given the nature of the allegation the mandatory minimum sentence would be 75 months! It was agreed that the strategy would be to present with confidence that there was nothing to the claim with the belief it ought never go to trial; meanwhile to prepare as though a trial was unavoidable.

    "Lissa got me in for a polygraph as soon as a polygrapher with a fine reputation was available. She arranged for an investigator to talk with all relevant witnesses to learn what their impressions were of the child, the mother and me. Lissa even memorized the names of all of the witnesses and mentally kept track of who was providing the most helpful comments and who had yet to speak to our investigator.

    "In addition to the legal aspect, I’m appreciative of how reassuring Lissa always was to someone who had never been in such a predicament. From the beginning she let me know they didn’t believe I had done anything wrong; that their office frequently represented innocent people; and with the reputation of their firm, the DA would know they’d be in for a fight if they filed. Communication was excellent including evenings and weekends (and late at night when she was in trial).

    "Every time there was a knock on my door, I was petrified I was going to be arrested. After Lissa let the detective know I had passed the polygraph, she got him to agree that if I they were going to arrest me, it would be coordinated through Arnold Law. That was a big relief.

    "The end result was the DA’s office did not file.

    "While Mike was kept apprised of developments (and I presume offered some insight), Lissa was the one who actively worked on my behalf. I don’t believe I could have been any more pleased with the partner than I was with the associate."


    “I knew from my very first conversation with Jacy and her staff that Arnold Law would represent me. My confidence in Jacy never wavered. The highly professional representation, coupled with thoughtful and person care for my well being, enabled me to transition through a most difficult time in my life. I will forever be grateful for Jacy’s ‘jumping in and keeping me afloat’ with her steady hand on my life jacket. She was my Mae West that kept my head, and my spirit, above the water.”