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Florence Estate Planning Lawyer

An Oregon estate plan is available for people in the Florence area or along the central Oregon coast.  Arnold Law, based in Eugene, has a statewide estate planning practice and can meet clients in Eugene or in Florence by appointment.

The estate planning process generally involves discovering a client’s assets through a detailed informational questionnaire to determine the potential tax consequences.  Also, goals need to be determined for an Oregon estate plan.

Our Florence, Oregon clients tend to be from a more senior demographic and have goals that relate to end-of-life planning after retirement, often with children in other states.  Often an estate plan may be urgent due to an imminently scheduled surgery.

While this may seem stressful, an Oregon estate plan does not need to be stressful for our Florence clients.  When looking for an estate planning lawyer, you need to have two goals: (1) that your attorney is up-to-date with estate planning law and are not relying on old and outdated forms; and (2) that you and your attorney are a good fit.

At Arnold Law, our lawyers can assist you in a new estate plan or simple will or a more complex estate plan involving a trust or a modification to your out-dated estate plan. Arnold Law attorneys can assist our Florence clients with a comprehensive, sophisticated, and modern approach to your estate plan.  Call 541-338-9111 to set up a meeting or to inquire about our services, or send an email via our website form.

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