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Nothing on this website makes you a client of Arnold Law or any attorney here. Contacting us in anyway, sending us an e-mail or a request for an initial consultation does not create an attorney-client relationship. We will be taking no action on your behalf unless agreed to in writing. So, do not send us information that you deem confidential without first allowing us to do a conflict-of-interest check. Perhaps we already represent a person adverse to you. Keep your comments general in your consultation request (i.e., type of case, names of parties for a conflict check, etc.). Here’s an example on what you might want to keep confidential: don’t provide anything you wouldn’t want the adverse party to see or you wouldn’t want to read about on the front page of the newspaper. Obviously, the newspaper example is an exagerated example but it helps frame that we are not your lawyers and therefore owe you no duties of confidentiality.

Privacy Policy

Our firm does not collect any individually identifiable information about you (name, address, telephone number, or email address) unless you voluntarily provide it to us. Then we will jealously guard that and any other client information with firewalls, an office security system, a secure office building with after-hours security patrols, and frequent training of office staff on client confidentiality and secrets. Even the fact that you inquired into our office about possible representation is a jealously guarded secret, even if we do not take your case. The website does collect information about visitors such as IP addresses, internet service providers, search engines and search terms that brought you here, etc. We do that to better focus our internet marketing.

Email Lists/Newsletters

By contacting Arnold Law or signing up for an email list, you agree and certify that you are NOT an adverse party (i.e., we do not represent an adverse party to you). You also agree not to provide us with any confidential information about your case, including but not limited to not providing information to us that you wouldn’t want the adverse party, your mother, or the front page of a newspaper to know about it.









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