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Pretrial Release Hearings: Jail Bail in Oregon

Pretrial Release in Oregon is very important for criminal defense clients. When someone is facing a criminal charge, particularly Measure 11 and other major felony cases, they need to participate in their own defense. They need to be able to text and email their attorney frequently, which they cannot do while in jail.  They also need to make good decisions.

The Oregon criminal defense system is a plea system, not a jury trial system. When an overcharged or falsely accused client is facing a plea bargain, they need to have their wits about them to make such an important decision.

When facing pretrial incarceration in Lane County Jail or other jails, such a Washington County Jail and Multnomah County Jail, criminal defendants start feeling desperate. Their decision-making is impaired while they are treated like a caged animal.  They begin to hear advice from the frequent-flyer career criminals about how much better Oregon State Prison is than Clackamas County Jail —  how they just need to take a plea deal to get to a better jail facility.

It is also part of the Lane County Oregon criminal prosecution strategy to keep criminal defense clients incarcerated while they are presumed innocent.  Then, once their will is broken, the district attorney offers the criminal defendant a get-out-of-jail plea bargain, where they change their plea to guilty and then get released immediately after sentencing.

Innocent, falsely-accused Oregon criminal defendants often take deals like this so that they do not lose a job or risk a weighty prison sentence if the jury gets it wrong.  They also do it to save costs in Oregon criminal defense attorney fees.  They rationalize how they can just “take a deal” to save money without taking into account the lifelong costs of a registerable sex offense or felony conviction might have on them professionally and personally.

Since Oregon is one of only two states without unanimous jury verdicts, ten people out of twelve could “get it wrong” on the charge or a lesser-included offense, and send someone away to prison for a very long time.

The Oregon criminal defense attorneys of Arnold Law work with clients and their families to have motions to reduce bail through a pretrial release hearing.  We also work with Lane County Pretrial Services to secure reasonable release decisions.

Our attorneys under the leadership of Mike Arnold have also pioneered Lane County pretrial release decisions by subpoenaing Pretrial Services to an evidentiary hearing as well as using public records requests to attempt to gain access to the secret criteria that the Lane County Circuit Court uses.

It is truly a Star Chamber, a secret tribunal, in many Oregon Circuit Courts.  This is un-American and an affront to justice. The criminal defense lawyers at Arnold Law fight hard for justice for every client. Bail and pretrial release is supposed to be about making sure the defendant appears at trial, but it has become a tool for government bureaucrats.

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