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Parents of Children Killed in Crosswalk React to Citation of Driver; Driver’s License Now Suspended for Medical Reasons

05.04.2015 – On Friday, May 1, 2015, Cortney and James Hudson met with the prosecutor and investigators and learned what has been anticipated now for several weeks: that the Lane County District Attorney’s Office will not be presenting this case to a grand jury or otherwise seeking criminal charges. Instead, the driver will be cited for at least one traffic infraction. On February 22nd at 54th and Main in Springfield, Cortney and James’ three children were killed and Cortney was severely injured when a negligent driver ran a stop light and struck the family while they were in a crosswalk.

The family’s attorney, Mike Arnold, stated, “Cortney and James had hoped that a grand jury would have looked at this but they appreciate the efforts that assistant district attorney Chris Parosa and Ofc. Brian Antone put into evaluating this case. Reviewing the evidence and reports in a case like this is very hard on everyone involved, including the investigators and prosecuting attorney, and we thank them for their diligence.“

“The community support for our family has been overwhelmingly kind, and we will forever be grateful,” said the children’s father James Hudson.

Arnold further explained the status of the family’s investigation: “We are still completing our investigation and waiting to review all of the police reports. What we do know for certain is that Cortney and the kids were crossing the crosswalk from the north with a walk sign and the traffic lights were all functioning properly. John (age 8), McKenzie (age 5), and Tyler (age 4) and their mother had gone for ice cream. She and the children were walking home, ice cream cones in hand. They were just several feet from the safety of the curb when all four of them were struck by the pickup truck after the driver ran through a solid and steady red light.

“We are currently investigating the crosswalk design and the carelessness of the driver, as well as whether age-related health and driver competency signs and symptoms were ignored. The recent DMV medical suspension has heightened that concern.”

According to DMV records, the driver of the truck’s license was suspended indefinitely for medical reasons on April 13th and for one year on April 30th for causing a fatal accident. The DMV medical suspension was for a “present physical or mental condition [that] renders it unsafe for the person to operate a motor vehicle.” The DMV issued the one-year suspension because the “DMV has reason to believe the driver contributed to the accident by being incompetent, negligent, or recklessly or unlawfully operating a motor vehicle.”

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