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Oregon Recreational Marijuana Licensing

The licensing requirements in Oregon don’t have to be difficult or expensive, but a lawyer’s advice can often help you out. Pay close attention to the rules and requirements, because, in this new industry, entrepreneurs may have a target on their backs. So don’t make a technical mistake.

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Types of OLCC Cannabis Licenses

Producer: Can plant, cultivate, grow, harvest, and dry marijuana.

Processor: Can process, compound, or convert marijuana into cannabinoid products,
concentrates, and/or extracts.


Wholesale: Ability to purchase quantities of marijuana from other licensed facilities and sell the products to licensed retailers, processors, producers, other wholesalers, or research certificate holders.

Laboratory: An ORELAP-accredited lab that is responsible for testing marijuana items for pesticides, solvents or residual solvents, tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol
concentration, and for microbiological or other contaminants.

Retail/Dispensaries: Permitted to sell or deliver marijuana items directly to consumers.

Research Certificate: May research marijuana for the purpose of benefiting the state’s cannabis industry, medical research, or public health and safety.

Oregon Marijuana Licensing Application Requirements

About your cannabusiness: company name, physical and mailing address, and Secretary of State Number (you will need to form a business entity)

– How your cannabusiness funded: who are the interested parties and involved legal entities

Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS): this can be tricky for most.

Business Operating plan

Floor plan of proposed facility

– Proof of right to occupy the premises

– Other documentation depending on license type.

– $250 fee due at time of application or renewal.

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While users, growers and dispensaries of marijuana who comply with Oregon’s marijuana laws are protected from state criminal prosecution, their activities remain illegal under the Federal Controlled Substances Act and other related federal statutes.

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