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Cannabis Lawyers – Marijuana Law in Oregon – Eugene/Portland business attorneys

The Oregon cannabis industry requires legal expertise in multiple areas of the law that traditional business law firms are not equipped to deal with: administrative law, criminal defense, federal criminal law, business disputes, legal ethics related to advising marijuana businesses, etc.


Our law firm has aggressive attorneys for dealing with cannabis-related business disputes as well as transactional lawyers for drafting operating agreements to assist with gaining regulatory compliance, real estate issues, partnership agreements, etc.

Arnold Law also has resources in the cannabis community to assist clients in growing their business and this industry, including contractors for building marijuana grow rooms, marketing experts, grow experts, business experts, etc. — all familiar with this industry.

To schedule an appointment for business advice, call 541-338-9111.

While users, growers and dispensaries of marijuana who comply with Oregon’s marijuana laws are protected from state criminal prosecution, their activities remain illegal under the Federal Controlled Substances Act and other related federal statutes.

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