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A breach of contract claim can be as simple as someone agreeing to do something (e.g., pay a bill or perform a service) and then failing to perform. Or a breach of contract claim could be one of many claims in a complex commercial case, such as a breach of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in a complex intellectual property trade secrets case.

Regardless of the complexity of a breach of contract claim the essential elements, issues, and defenses are similar.

When interviewing lawyers, ask if they have ever taken a breach of contract case to a jury trial. We have. We know the unique circumstances that make these sorts of cases difficult to try and what it takes to get these settled or prepared for trial or arbitration. We also know when to advise you that the costs exceed the benefits when pursuing litigation.

Arnold Law has established a well-deserved reputation as effective and highly respected trial lawyer in Eugene and throughout western and southern Oregon. The firm’s attorneys actually try cases to juries. The firm has great expertise in a number of different areas of law relating to litigation.

“Our litigation experience, extensive preparation of cases, and attention to detail has allowed us to build a reputation as aggressive and successful advocates for our clients while adhering to high ethical and legal standards.”

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