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Oregon Bike Accident Lawyers – Bicycles in Eugene & Portland

Bike accident attorneys in Oregon, need to know what is unique about a bicycle collision.  First, the forensic evidence is short-lived. In an auto-accident among two or more cars or trucks, the large automobiles are not easily moved and they leave lots of pavement gouges, fluid and debris behind.  Due to simple physics, not much is left behind when a bike is hit by a car due to the unequal masses and speeds of the objects.


The next issue with Oregon bicycle accidents involves comparative fault. Oftentimes, both the driver of the car and the bicyclist contribute to the collision and almost always the insurance company unjustly blames the bicyclist for causing the accident. For instance, a car might be turning right while looking to the left as the bike comes from his right on a sidewalk at a speed faster than a walk.  The driver failed to keep a proper lookout and the bike was breaking the municipal ordinance of driving a bike faster than a pedestrian pace on a sidewalk.

[Drivers often fail to look to the right when turning right,]

[Drivers often fail to look to the right when turning right,]

Another Portland bike accident attorney issue is the jury pool. In many communities in Oregon drivers have a very antagonistic relationship with bicyclists. Many avid bike riders will hire an avid bike rider as an attorney.  Typically, that sort of attorney demographic does not relate well with most Oregonians.  You need an attorney who is not like you but is like the jury pool. You are looking for an advocate in court not a bike policy advocate. Typically an attorney who drives a tractor or a pickup truck is better suited for most Oregon juries than a bike rider.

The bicycle accident attorneys at Arnold Law relate well with rural and urban jurors alike. We have experience in front of juries in multiple counties. We have assisted pedestrians, bicyclist, motorcyclists, and many others in all sorts of personal injury collisions.

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