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Arnold Law News & Achievements

11.19.2015 – Prior Bad Acts Evidence for Defense Attorneys

There has been an OEC 403 (character evidence) paradigm shift in the admissibility of other acts evidence that has occurred in light of State v. Williams, 357 Or 1 (2015). This set of ten articles will focus on what has changed and the new steps for the “other acts” analysis. We will also review all of the post-Williams other acts cases…

10.30.2015 – University of Oregon’s Kangaroo Court student conduct process exposed by local lawsuit by civil rights lawyer Marianne Dugan.

Jessica May weighs in on this horrible University process…

09.29.2015 – University of Oregon denies due process to students accused of sexual abuse

The University of Oregon student conduct discipline process typically denies students the right to cross-examine witnesses and conduct a constitutionally adequate investigation. This article explores why an education activates due process rights and what rights are being violated by the university…

09.28.2015 – Appealing University Student Conduct Hearings to an Independent Court

Arnold law at Attorney Jessica May and a retired judge on how the University of Oregon student conduct discipline process may be appealed to an actual court with accountability to the law rather than University special interests…

09.21.2015 – False U of O Rape Allegations Dismissed in Plea Deal

Arnold Law’s investigation into a false sexual abuse allegation learned of exculpatory information leading to a Coercion plea deal that…

07.12.2015 – Linn County Rollover DUII/Manslaughter Charge

Given the photos, the damage would not have likely caused a death had the passenger been belted in. A private accident reconstruction should be started as soon as possible.

07.10.2015 – Arnold Law on Juvenile Court (Video)

We offer pir video commentary on breaking news in Lane County – the civic stadium fire (arson) case.

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07.10.2015 – Attorney Lissa Casey on Oregon Death Penalty (video)

Lissa Casey offers her video commentary on breaking news in Lane County – an aggravated murder case in Springfield, Oregon.

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05.22.2015 – Self-Defense Shooting Murder Case Reduced to Negligent Homicide

Marine Corps veteran Gerald Strebent was facing 25 years for shooting an unarmed man with an AR-15 after a traffic collision. He accepted a plea deal after 15 months of litigation.

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04.09.2015 – Arnold Law Voted Eugene’s Readers’ Choice Law Firm

The Register Guard’s readers understand that the right legal team can make all the difference. That’s why Arnold Law is proud to be 2015’s Readers’ Choice First Place Winner in the Law Firm category.

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12.03.2013 – Rogelio Cassol Honored as 20 Under 40 Rising Business Star

Rogelio Cassol was recently honored as one of Eugene’s 20 Under 40 Rising Business Stars.

The award is through Blue Chip, Lane County’s monthly business magazine. 20 Under 40 recognizes local business leaders who are successful in their given field and make a significant contribution to their company and their community.

Rogelio was nominated by Meghan McMahon, past president of the Eugene Active 20-30 Club of which Rogelio is the current club president. He was nominated due to the “invaluable insight and knowledge” he has brought to the 20-30 Club and because “his commitment to each organization and client he serves is inspiring,” said McMahon.

Rogelio’s commitment to the community and children is evident in his work raising money for organizations that benefit children. He has chaired the 20-30 Club’s charity raffle and its Duck Pen to raise money for local non-profits, including Parenting Now!, Candlelighters for Children With Cancer and…

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8.26.13 – Not Guilty of Manslaughter in First Degree: 45-minute jury verdict after 2-week Linn County trial

Arnold Law won not-guilty verdicts for Manslaughter I and Evidence Tampering after a two-year battle in Linn County on August 26, 2013. This vehicular homicide allegation resulted from a single-vehicle, two-occupant DUI motorcycle accident.

This complex two-week trial involving over thirty witnesses was a good example of Arnold Law’s ability to distill complicated cases down to something manageable for a jury. This case was particularly expert-witness heavy and rich with engineering and physics principles. Arnold Law was able to present these concepts to the jury by a focused preview in his opening statements and science-rich cross-examination of the state’s witnesses. The evidence presentation culminated with a computer simulation of the motorcycle accident during the defense accident reconstructionist. The state attempted to offer an accident reconstruction of its own but Arnold was able to successfully prevent its admissibility through a OEC 104 hearing outside the presence of the jury due to its inaccuracies and exaggerations, including a blood pool that did not comport with reality.

The almost two-year litigation process involved multiple motions, including a successful…[read full article]

06.15.2013 – Arnold Law Wins Dismissal of Medford Jessica’s Law Child Sex Abuse Charges

A falsely accused client was exonerated after a tireless investigation by our criminal defense team in Jackson County…

5.10.13 – Arnold Law Recognized for Allowing Babies at Work

Arnold Law’s policy of allowing working moms to bring their newborns to work has been a big hit with the office moms and the rest of the Arnold Law staff that get to see happy babies every day. The local ABC news affiliate, KEZI, ran a Mother’s Day piece recognizing this unique employment policy.

12.21.12 – Arnold Law Recognized for Firm Gun Safety Class

Arnold Law has a policy of allowing employee firearms at the office, assuming a concealed handgun license and other procedures are followed. KEZI ran a story about Arnold Law taking a slightly different approach to the recent mass shootings in Portland and Connecticut. This class and the announcement of Arnold Law hosting a free all-women gun safety class for the public was well received by the community. Watch the KEZI video piece here.

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