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Oregon Assault Lawyer – Eugene Violent Crimes Attorneys

Assault charges in Oregon start with Assault 4 at lowest level. Assault in the Fourth Degree (Assault IV) is a misdemeanor unless its domestic violence witnessed by a child (then it’s a felony).  Assault requires physical injury, which means substantial pain or the impairment of the physical condition.

Our firm has had experience with jury acquittals on the definition of “physical injury.”  We often can show the jury through our relentless efforts to expose medical records and other impeachment materials that the person is not hurt like they claim.

Another common charge is Assault III, a felony, which typically involves a DUI injury accident or an assault with two or more people beating someone up.

Assault II, is also very common in Oregon counties, such as Lane County in Eugene and elsewhere.  This can be pleaded several ways but we most commonly we see it in a fight where someone got hurt badly (i.e., broken bones).  Assault 2 in Oregon is a Measure 11 crime with a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 70 months.

District attorneys in Lane County, Douglas County (Roseburg), Corvallis (Benton County) and elsewhere often threaten Assault 2 charges to get innocent people to plead guilty to Assault IV and avoid prison. We like those cases. They are righteous and we enjoy working with the falsely accused and overcharged.

Arnold Law’s trial lawyers are experienced in trying assault cases to a jury.  Call our office to speak to the firm’s intake legal assistant regarding attorney fees and to see if we are the right fit for you.  Call 541-338-9111 or fill out the form to the left or the live chat at the bottom right.

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