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Oregon agricultural law is a category of different legal issues that affect farmers, ranchers, cattlemen, nurseries, and other farm-related businesses.  What the legal issues have in common is the business of farming and agriculture which provides unique issues.  Therefore, the attorney must know the business and the law. It is not enough to understand just the law alone.

Most commonly attorneys practicing in this area live in the country or have direct family experience with farming. For instance, Eugene attorney Jacy Arnold comes from a multi-generational farming family from north-central Missouri, focusing on Midwestern row crops, cattle, and hay. Managing attorney Mike Arnold’s aunts, uncles, and grandfather all had working farms growing up.  He and Jacy now live outside of Creswell in rural Lane County where they fix fence (and ostensibly raise hogs and poultry).

Areas of particular interest in agricultural law in Oregon include business advisement, contract negotiations, litigation, real estate law, and estate planning, among others.

Arnold Law has experienced attorneys in business litigation and Ag Law litigation. One interesting case of note involved “defective” fescue grass seed screening pellet feed from Linn County, Oregon, that caused endophyte poisoning in cattle leading to necrosis and death. It involved products liability and breach of contract/commercial law issues.

Other cases have involved boundary disputes, business divisions, and dealing with government intrusion.

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